Laser Lipo

Before and After Pictures

Buttoks 7 Sessions
Tummy 8 Sessions
Waist 8 Sessions
Waist & Thighs 8 Sessions
Tummy & Legs 6 Sessions
Tummy 11 Sessions
Waist 6 Sessions
Waist 8 Sessions
Waist 9 Sessions
Tummy 7 Sessions
Male Breasts 8 Sessions
Chin & Neck 7 Sessions
Neck 5 Sessions
Buttoks 6 Sessions
Back 7 Sessions

** All photos are taken from actual case studies. The "after" photographs were taken between 4 to 36 months after the LightSheerâ„¢ treatment was completed.

** Photos courtesy of Valeria B. Campos, M.D., Christine C. Dierickx, M.D., R. Rox Anderson, M.D., Wellman Laboratories of Photomedicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA and Dr. Nimish Patel, M.D., Plastic Surgeon The Laser Center, Ahmedabad, India

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