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Bio Light LED therapy makes use of ultra sound and photon hand held skin care devices and utilizes a combination of the energy of LED light waves (photons) with deep penetrating ultrasonic massage. Until recently this therapy wasonly used in medical spas, but due to its effectiveness for skin rejuvenation this technique is becoming more widely available. Bio light LED therapy is truly effective for aging skin, sagging skin as well as for acne sufferers.

The therapy works by using sound waves which penetrate deep into the pores and destroy the oil blockage usually found in hair follicles, which is one of the main reasons of acne formation. The LED light stops inflammation and bacteria growth. LED converts light energy into cellular energy and is perfect for irregular, aging skin complexion.


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What is LED therapy?

Bio-light or LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy is one of the most popular skin therapy used by Laser Elite at the moment. It encompasses the delivery of high intensity light to the epidermis cells which helps in treating various skin conditions.

How doesLED therapy work?

The LED light interacts with the cells receptors and causes them to form new collagen and elastin proteins to enhance the metabolism of the cell and improve blood circulation.

How long does a treatment take?

The treatment sessions last between 20 to 30 minutes.

How often do I repeat treatment?

It is advised to do a treatment a week for 8-10 weeks. Results can be seen after the first session itself with much more marked improvement in skin appearance over a period of several weeks.

What is the advantage of LED therapy?

Bio-light stimulation is a non-ablative, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment. It is safe, effective and can be used for any skin type. There are no side effects, no rest periods and no pain.

What is the cost per treatment?

R275.00 per session per area

What can be treated by LED therapy?

Different wavelengths are used to treat different skin conditions. The treatment can improve dull and rough skin, acne, stretchmarks, cellulite, and also melasma (browns spots of pigmentation on the face).

What are the contra-indications for LED therapy?

Thyroid problems, Pregnancy, Cancer patients, Epilepsy, Retinoids (any medicine that thins the skin which causes sensitivity).

What are the side effects to LED therapy?

No side effects are found with the treatment, however the client has to be careful with applying any products during the treatment as it will infiltrate much quicker and deeper. If you experience any of the contra-indications please consult with your specialist before committing to the LED therapy treatment.

Can you do the Microdermabrasion facial at the same?

Yes, as it would complement the LED treatment has a calming effect and will help soothe the skin and even make the healing process quicker.


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