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PURE Smile Teeth whitening Description

PURE Smile is a 100% natural teeth whitening treatment that is offered at over 400 outlets in South Africa. Now you finally have access to a quality, proven teeth-whitening product that will give you brighter and whiter smile without any of the harmful chemicals found in competing products.

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What is Pure Smile?

PURE Smile is a 100% natural teeth-whitening treatment

How does it work?

Pure smile is a 30 min treatment:
1.The 100% natural Pure Smile formula is placed on the top and bottom mouth guard.
2.The client places it into their mouth and a LED light is placed on the teeth for 30 minutes.
3.The client will see immediate results after the treatment and according to the shade that suites you best.

How long does it last?

We recommend three sessions over six months but it is safe to do once a month only for three sessions at a time. The treatment lasts 1 year, as long as you are not a heavy coffee drinker or smoker.

What is the cost per session?

It cost R790 per session.

Is this treatment covered by the medical aid?

Unfortunately it is not covered by the medical aid, since it is considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

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Is it safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use since the formula is 100% natural. There is no sensitivity or irritation after the treatment.

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to use?

Yes, it is completely safe to use for expecting mothers since it is 100% natural formula.

Is there any age limit?

No, but our professional advice recommend no younger than 16 years old.

Can you do the treatment if you have crowns, caps, vene ers, roots canals or braces?

Yes, but bear in mind the teeth whitening only works on natural teeth,
For braces, you need to wait for six months after removal before performing the treatment. Due to the glue residue still on your teeth, and the teeth whiting will only whiten the area around the glue. You may see the glue stains very clearly so that is why we recommend six months.

Does it remove all stains?

Like any other teeth whitening method, the PURE smile doesn’t work on stains due antibiotics, fluorides etc.


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