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Bio sculpture gel is a nail treatment that has been tried and tested and proven to have a 5-star safety rating and is 100% animal friendly. Bio sculpture is used to re-enforce and lengthen the natural nail, build upper arch support and extended sculptures, performsilk repairs and create meticulously beautiful nail art – including hand painting with gel and more.

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What is Bio-Sculpture?

It is a gel nail system which cures and has been tried, tested and proven to give great results.

How does the BioSculpture work?

The nail is prepared by doing a light buff of the natural nail. A base coat is then applied and cured followed by colour gel of choice.

How long does a treatment take?

Approximately 1 hour

Why BioSculpture?

*It has a 5 STAR SAFETY RATING and is 100% Vegan
*Strictly NO animal testing making it completely cruelty free.
*Free of harmful chemicals including DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Camphor.
*Non-chip salon treatment that cures to a strong and flexible, glossy finish that strengthens and protects the natural nail with colour that lasts for weeks.
*Natural free edge, brittle/flaky nails can be restored.
*Split or ripped nails can be repaired.
*Short and broken nails can be lengthened to form strong, natural looking nails.

What are the benefits of the BioSculpture?

Bio-Sculpture is breakage free with all-natural products which gives a very strong & flexible with finish, with low maintenance.

What is the cost per treatment?

The treatment starts at R190 per session

Does Bio sculpture help to strengthen your nail?

Yes, supporting long nails or strengthening weak nails (depending on nail analysis), can be done by building an Upper Arch or applying a layer of the appropriate Bio Sculpture Strengthening Gel for a durable, yet flexible end result.

FUN FACT Bio sculpture gel – Cruelty free?

Strictly NO animal testing – completely cruelty free.


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