Drooping Eyebrow

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Drooping eyebrows can make a person appear tired or lazy even when this is not the case.When the skin above your eyelid begins to sag, the eyebrow will appear lower than normal. Drooping eyebrows can affect anyone and havemany causes including ageing, weak muscles around the eye and an injury to the eye. A person can alsobe born with natural drooping eyelids. A loss in skinelasticity as you grow older results in gravity taking its toll and often not in the most ideal areas, this results in the eyelid drooping. The levator muscle is shortened over time which draws the eyebrow down giving you a drooping eyebrow.


Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Non Surgical Skin Tightening uses radio frequencies to help reduce loose skin hanging around the eyebrows. The treatment stimulates collagen production which will tighten the skin. It is a 100% non-invasive treatment so no downtime or pain is experienced. Results can usually be seen after the first treatment and will continue to improve over the course of 8 – 10 sessions, which is what is recommended to get the best result.