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What is it?

Dry skin is classified as a lack of moisture as well as lipids in the upper epidermis and will usually result in flaky, itchy and often sensitive skin. It is a common condition that can become more prevalent during colder months and in drier climates. Dry skin affects both young and old, but is more common in older people

The epidermis has natural oils present along with water and often when the epidermis is exposed to excessively dry conditions, the oils and water in the skin are leached out which leads to the dry skin condition. Chronic dry skin is a genetic disorder where people experience dry skin throughout the year because their glands in the skin do not produce enough oils and water to keep the skin hydrated. Dry skin that is not treated can lead to more severe forms of skin dryness occurring, namely eczema and psoriasis.


The professionals at Laser Elite recommend the following products to use at home to help successfully treat and prevent dry skin:

Lamelle Essential Hydration Facial

This facial specifically restores hydration in your skin using both a soothing serum and hydration mask.

Nimue Active Rejuvenating Facial

This facial reduces skin pore size, which improves overall skin health and softens the texture of your skin. This treatment uses a super hydrating mask leaving your skin feeling hydrated and fresh.


Clarity-Active-CleanseCorrectives Hydrating HA Serum Plus

This product supplements moisturizer treatments for people with dry skin concerns. This specific serum contains HAFi fragments, which attracts moisture and activates cell metabolism within the skin.

Clarity-Active-CleanseNourish Revitalize Cream

This cream will deeply nourish your skin by aggressively correcting any cell damage at a DNA level as well as protecting it, providing the ultimate anti-ageing skin care experience.

Clarity-Active-CleanseSerra Cleansing Gel

This gel-cream cleanser is soap, fragrance, and paraben free, meaning it is perfect for daily use for people with sensitive or dry skin. It leaves the skin feeling wonderfully refreshed and hydrated, without an oily or greasy feel to the skin.

Clarity-Active-CleanseMoisturizer plus

 This night cream which should be applied after washing will leave you with softer and more hydrated skin.

Clarity-Active-CleanseNimue Day

Before applying your SPF for the day, we recommend you apply Nimue’s overall day cream to treat dry skin.

Clarity-Active-CleanseVitamin C Mist

This Vitamin C mist is ideal for additional moisturization. It should be applied at night or in the morning where your skin absorbs the mist, feeding the dehydrated skin cells.