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What is it?

Eczema is characterised as an allergic reaction on the skin which has symptomsincluding rash of red spots, sensitive skin, dryness and rough scaling of the skin. This condition occurs mainly on the neck, face, and folds of elbows and knees.Sufferers will usually complain of a burning or itching sensation in the affected area. Eczema can be diet-related with some people being affected by allergic sensitivity to nutrients such as eggs, fish and milk. The diet-sensitive sufferers can usually cure Eczema by eliminating the offending foods. Other common allergens like pollen and dust rarely cause this condition.Severe eczema can spread to the entire surface of the body and can be complicated by skin contaminations.


The professionals at Laser Elite recommend the following products to use at home to help successfully treat and prevent Eczema:

Lamelle Essential Hydration Facial

This facial specializes in restoring the moisture in your skin with the soothing serum and hydration mask to give you the best results your skin deserves.

Nimue Active Rejuvenating Facial

This facial reduces the skin’s pore size, resulting in overall skin improvement and a softening of the texture of your skin.

Nimue Therapeutic Facial

This facial has an award-winning enzyme exfoliator consisting of fruit acids that break down the inter-cellular molecules which keep the dead skin cells attached on your skin. No adverse action is experienced by thisĀ  dissolving to remove dead skin.


Serra Cleansing Gel

This gel-cream cleanser is soap, fragrance, and paraben free, meaning it is perfect for daily use for people with sensitive or dry skin. It leaves the skin feeling wonderfully refreshed and hydrated, without an oily or greasy feel to the skin.

Serra Restore Cream

With this cream, which can be used at day and at night, specifically targets the dry and sensitive skin you may face with suffering from eczema.

Serra Soothing Cream

This cream focuses on the appearance of redness when symptoms of sensitivity are experienced due to dehydration etc.

Super Hydrating Serum

This serum eliminates the negative effects of free radical damage at a cellular level. It has a tightening effect on the skin which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This serum also stimulates microcirculation and cellular metabolism, which refreshes tired, dull skin.

Super Hydrating Mask

This mask encourages circulation in your skin which facilitates toxin removal and helps your skin replace them with healthy nutrients.