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What is it?

Erythema is a common, yet rarely understood skin condition that can manifest itself in various forms. Symptoms include red patches on the skin or in severe cases as a reddish rash.Erythema gets its red appearance due toblood vessels that dilate causing an increase of blood flow in the area usually in response to irritation, injury or applied heat. It is common because this is your body’s normal response to stimulation applied to the area. It affects people with sensitive skin more severely however it is normally not something that is dangerous and usually just leads to the person feeling self-conscious about their skin.


The professionals at Laser Elite recommend the following products to use at home to help successfully treat and prevent Erythema:

Lamelle Essential Hydration Facial

This facial specifically restores hydration in your skin using both a soothing serum and hydration mask.

Nimue Therapeutic Facial

This facial reduces skin pore size, which improves overall skin health and softens the texture of your skin. This treatment uses a super hydrating mask leaving your skin feeling hydrated and fresh.


Little Eskimo Rejuvenating Face Mask

This cooling mask with help soothe irritated and inflamed skin caused by allergies, hay fever, and other medical conditions.

Nimue Skin Regulator

This cream will help reduce the appearance of redness on your skin.