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What is it?

A hypersensitive skin is caused by an impaired lipid bilayer where foreign objects can enter the skin more easily and cause damage to your skin cells. Over-reactive sensory nerves results in an overreaction towards stimulants that get into contact with the skin, causing itching, irritation, redness and sometimes flaking. These reactions are your body’s natural defence mechanism to get rid of the stimulant that it sees as an irritant.

Hypersensitive skin reactsquicker and more severely to irritability or discomfort than normal skin does. The hypersensitivityexperienced is normally itchiness,tightness, burning, tingling and redness. Hypersensitive skin can be treated if the cause is known, so you should speak to a skin care professional to determine the best cause of action.

In general, hypersensitive skin affects women more than men and people who have suffered from acne, rosacea, and eczema in the past are also more at risk to have hypersensitive skin. Age is also a factor with young children, teens and babies being susceptible. Untreated hypersensitive skin can eventually develop into skin allergies. There are various factors that can cause a reaction in hypersensitive skin include sudden temperature changes, the wind, sun exposure, excessive heat, stress and certain active ingredients in cosmetics.


The professionals at Glo Laser & Beauty recommend the following products to use at home to help successfully treat and prevent acne:

Nimue Therapeutic Facial

this is recommended to any individual who has a hypersensitive skin. This facial includes a cleanser and conditioner specifically formulated for sensitive skins, a super hydrating mask from Nimue which will help to hydrate the skin and restore your skin’s lipid bilayer.

Nimue Therapeutic Facial

this is a deep cleanse facial recommended to do on a monthly basis which will assist with gently removing impurities in the skin, a specialized mask will also help to assist in controlling a problematic skin. With an amazing award winning enzyme exfoliator that consists of fruit acids that will break down the intercellular molecule (Glue) that keeps the dead skin cells on your skin. By dissolving them no adverse action was taken to remove dead skin cells and appropriate mask that will suit your skin.


Cleansing Gel Lite

This product is soap free and it will help hydrate the skin and is soap free, so it won’t cause irritation to the skin.

Conditioner Lite

this is an alcohol-free product and will help to soothe, cool and calm the skin, it is also excellent for sunburnt skins.

Moisturiser Lite

this moisturizer will assist with hydration and improve the softness of the skin.

Element Barrier

can be applied over your moisturizer if you feel your skin is very dry and tight, it helps to moisturize the outer layer of your skin and reduces sensitivity and inflammation.

Reduct Derma Balm

This product will aid in reducing redness and irritation on the skin.

Serra Cleansing Gel

this is a fragrance, soap, and paraben free gel-cream cleanser is ideal for sensitive or dry skins for daily use. We suggest this product as it leaves the skin wonderfully refreshed with an easy-going hydrated feel without an oily or greasy feel to the skin.

Serra Restore Cream

will correct barrier function and hydrate your skin.

Serra Soothing Cream

this product will restore an impaired lipid bilayer and hydrate your skin, it also contains anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce irritation and redness.