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What is it?

Ingrown hairs are common with coarse or curly hair and occurs when the hair curves or grows sideways into the skin. This also occurs when the hairs cannot penetrate the hair follicle and the only place to go is to curve in the skin. Ingrown hairs are quite common and can occur anywhere on the body. They are however more common in areas that are waxed or shaved, or even due to tight clothing. Exfoliating regularly can prevent ingrown hairs because it removes the excess dead skin that blocks hairs. Ingrown hairs will appear as small red bumps on the skin and will be sensitive.


The professionals at Laser Elite recommend the following products to use at home to help successfully treat and prevent Ingrown Hairs:

Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

This painless treatment will give you the best results in removing unwanted hair and will also help to treat and prevent ingrown hairs from developing.


After Shave Balm

This after-shave balm will calm and soothe your skin after shaving, while also preventing ingrown hairs from forming.

Exfoliating Enzyme

This granule-free cream facilitates a healthier skin by lifting off dead skin cells and promoting cell renewal. Unlike standard granule-based exfoliators, this enzyme will not leave your skin with little cuts.

Cirepil Ingrown Hair Care Serum

This product contains glycolic acid which allows for the skin to be exfoliated and prevents and removes ingrown hairs.