Love Handles

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What IS IT?

Love handles, also known as a muffin top, is an accumulation of fat around a person’s waistline. Love handles might be a cute name, but the appearance is not as glamorous as it may sound and can be a major concern for people. Love handles affect both females and males and are not only caused by a sedentary lifestyle, there are other factors that may cause this.

Stress, laziness, excessive food and alcohol consumption, in men low testosterone, pregnancy and menopause in women as well as a genetic disposition may all cause love handles. Women are susceptible as they get older because their metabolism becomes slower and the body will then store excess fat in the waistline.


Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

A trusted sculpting product specializing in circulation improvement and fat dissolving for targeted areas of your body. The treatment is performed by a specialized therapist and involves a virtually painless procedure of a non-medical product.

The active ingredient which is derived from soy lecithin has the ability to emulsify fat and can also prevent the body from storing any unwanted fat. In the long term it improves the fat burning capacity of the body making it easier with every session.