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Reflectocil Tinting Description

Tinting eyebrows can help to enhance the brow thickness, shape and colour. By colouring the hair with a semi-permanent vegetable dye, the benefits are instantaneous. We use a semi-permanent dye because eyebrow hair has a very short growth cycle. The colour will fade over time, but as the hair falls out every 28 day (6-8 weeks) this process needs to be repeated for best results.

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What does an eyebrow tint do?

Tinting eyebrows help to enhance the brow shape, color and thickness by coloring in the hair with a semi-permanent vegetable dye. The benefits are immediate.

How long does eyebrow tinting last for?

We use a semi-permanent dye because the hair has a very short growth cycle. The colour fades over time of the hair renewing him over and over. Eyebrow hair fall out every 28 day (6-8 weeks) taking the tint with the hair

Can you dye your eyebrows?

Dye that you use on your sculpt is much stronger for using it around the eye area. The eye area is much more sensitive compared to your sculp. Remember your skin around your eyes absorb everything
that means your hair can fall out or can different skin lesions.

How do you fade eyebrow tint?

The first point is you need to know how much tint to use for what type of hair. It depends on the time you left the tint on the hair. If you are done and the brows are too dark, you can use an oil base make-up remover and wipe with a cotton pad. If the pad is left with a brown residue, you are on the right track.

How much does it cost to have an eyebrow and lash tinting ?

Brow tinting R50
Lash tinting R60
Brow and lash tinting R100

What is a lash tint?

Eyelash tinting is the same concept as the eyebrow tinting but much more care during the treatment. Protecting the eyes from burning but if the tint touches the eye it might burn (not chemically but uncomfortable). As our professional therapist have the knowledge and experience to bath the eye and give care to the eye, it won’t get any harm.

Do your eyebrows have to match your hair color?

By nature, your brows are normally darker than your hair. The cooler your shade, the darker your brows can be. For example a redhead can’t dye their hair red so we as professionals analyze what color
would suite you best

What can I do about grey hair?

Don’t pluck your grey eyebrows you would have any left. The grey hair doesn’t have any pigmentation left but we can still tint the grey hair. The grey hair takes longer to tint but it is possible to

Are tinting harsh to your eyebrows or lashes?

If you use too much Hydrogen Peroxide or to strong it might have an effect on the hair that why you need to make sure the therapist doing your brows know how much to use. You as a client have the right
to ask for qualifications.

Is tinting suitable for all ages?

We as Professional therapist recommend from the youngest age of 16 years old and until 90 years old.